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July 2013

  • New cylinder shot blast system officially unveiled. Shot blasting services expanded to include a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing services expanded. Full hydrostatic testing of low pressure cylinders, by the direct expansion method, is available for a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.

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Mission Statement


Each step in the process is important to the proper completion of the certification of
the cylinder and the services requested.


Compressed gas cylinders are hazardous by the nature, due to the product and the pressure they maintain. The pressure could be as high as 6000 PSI. Every precaution must be taken to ensure that the work is done with the utmost respect for the cylinder and the potential use; for the safety of all who handle and use it.


Integrity is simply: "Did we do what we said we would do when we said we would do it?" Our goal is to provide the highest quality services within the timeframe requested.


The quality of our work is important to the overall safety and integrity of the cylinder. Each step in the process of cylinder testing and cylinder maintenance is as extremely important to the final completion of the project as the prior step or the next step. This concept is to ensure that the cylinder is delivered to the customer in the proper condition according to the Federal regulations, as well as the customer specifications.