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July 2013

  • New cylinder shot blast system officially unveiled. Shot blasting services expanded to include a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing services expanded. Full hydrostatic testing of low pressure cylinders, by the direct expansion method, is available for a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.

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High Pressure Cylinders

The definition of a high pressure cylinder is, "Those cylinders with a marked service pressure of 900 psi (6210 kPa) or greater, they are seamless; no welding is permitted". (CGA C-6).

The typical high pressure cylinder has the following markings:

High Pressure Cylinder Markings
High Pressure Cylinders

Cylinder types include:

  1. Medical Cylinders
    1. Steel
    2. Aluminum
  2. Industrial Gases
    1. Oxygen
    2. Nitrogen
    3. Argon
    4. Helium
    5. Carbon Dioxide
    6. Mixes
  3. Specialty Gases
  4. SCBA
  5. SCUBA
  6. Fire Extinguishers
  7. Specialty Cylinders

Cylinder recertification is required on a periodic basis; depending on the cylinder type, age and
it's condition.

The following services are available along with the required testing per 49 CFR, part 180:

  1. External cleaning: shot blast of cylinder to prepare for painting
  2. Valve replacement
  3. Internal cleaning for change of service; e.g. Oxygen cleaning
  4. Prime and Finish painting per customer specifications
  5. Collar replacement
  6. Customer specific requests

Quality control is an important function of our daily process. Your cylinders are reconditioned to your specifications.