News & Updates

July 2013

  • New cylinder shot blast system officially unveiled. Shot blasting services expanded to include a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing services expanded. Full hydrostatic testing of low pressure cylinders, by the direct expansion method, is available for a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting services revolve around the testing and maintenance of compressed gas cylinders. We specifically focus our attention on the understanding of the Federal regulation, CFR 49, and the respective Compressed Gas Association (CGA) documents that are the basis for the certification of cylinders. We also provide assistance to organizations as to the proper maintenance of the compressed gas cylinders.

References and Guidelines

  1. 2010 CFR 49 Sections
  2. Compressed Gas Association
  3. Special Permits
  4. Cylinder
    1. Identification
      1. DOT
      2. Foreign
      1. Markings
      2. Side Wall Markings
  5. Valve Guide
    1. Proper use
    2. Proper Safety per DOT rating
    3. Insertion
  6. Visual inspection procedures
    1. High Pressure Cylinders
    2. Low Pressure Cylinders
    3. SCBA,
      1. Fiber Wrapped