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July 2013

  • New cylinder shot blast system officially unveiled. Shot blasting services expanded to include a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing services expanded. Full hydrostatic testing of low pressure cylinders, by the direct expansion method, is available for a full range of cylinders from 20# to one ton.

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Welcome to MAWA, Inc., DBA ERJO Services Division

Since 2003, MAWA, Inc., DBA ERJO Services Division has proudly continued to provide cylinder certification and maintenance services originally established by E. R. Joseph on April 1, 1946. MAWA Inc. provides cylinder certification and maintenance services for both high and low pressure Compressed Gas Cylinders. We are certified by the Department of Transportation to re-inspect and certify cylinders under CFR 49 subpart 180 and we maintain a consistent standard of quality and productivity; meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

MAWA Inc. strives to provide the industrial gas distributor industry and the end users of compressed gas cylinders with the exceptional Quality, Safety, and Integrity that is necessary for the safe use and transportation of compressed gas cylinders.

MAWA Inc.'s high and low pressure compressed gas cylinder services include visual inspection, hydrostatic testing, external cleaning, internal cleaning, oxygen cleaning, valve removal and installation, cylinder collar replacement, prime and finish painting, and customer specific requests. All work is done according to the Federal Regulations, CFR 49 subpart 180, as well as the respective Compressed Gas Association and National Fire Protection Association pamphlets as referenced by CFR 49, to ensure the highest standard of safety and quality possible.

Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Cylinder testing is done by the use of the water jacket method or the direct expansion method to hydrostatically test the cylinder for pressure and elastic expansion, which includes the total expansion of the cylinder under the test pressure and the expansion after the pressure is released. Hydrostatic tests are conducted under the guidelines of the Department of Transportation (DOT), specifically CFR 49 subpart 180, and the respective Compressed Gas Association pamphlets, as well as industry and customer standards.

Cylinder Maintenance

The maintenance of the cylinder is done according to the specifications of the customer. Maintenance is defined as the visual inspection, cleaning, both internally and externally, and the finishing of the cylinders, and the replacement of the valves and fittings to meet the quality standards of the customer.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to provide the customer with the proper understanding of the Federal Regulation CFR 49 and the Compressed Gas Association pamphlets as they pertain to the specific issues related to the DOT rated compressed gas cylinder and the certification of the compressed gas cylinder.